making your business stand out

Photo by Natalie Pedigo on Unsplash

Stand and deliver… your business story

Stand and deliver isn’t just the song title of 80s group Adam & The Ants. It’s what business across the country should be doing.

As a business, you need to know what you STAND for (values) and how you DELIVER (benefits). If these two crucial elements are not included in the way you tell your business story, then communicating your messages to the wider world will fall flat.

What you do will not capture people’s interest or attention – it will be meaningless – and won’t resonate with your customers.

Get noticed

Be bold. Businesses can come across as bland, and what they say and show to the world doesn’t tell a story. It can often be dull when what you need to do is to stand out. Where I see some small businesses’ going wrong is that they don’t always show what they stand for and how they deliver for customers.

Most people, including journalists and editors, aren’t interested in the unappealing – bland, boring, news stories don’t get on TV, radio, in newspapers, circulate online and fuel social media activity – ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and retweets. This is why you need to take charge and be clear on what you stand for and how you deliver.

If it helps, look at your business as a journalist would. The first thing they’d be looking for is the story. Can you honestly say you are telling the story of your business in your communications? When I speak to business owners they talk with passion about their work – they tell me why their product or service is better than their competitors, and why people should buy their product or service. But this isn’t always shown in their communication – which is a shame.

Get interesting

It’s far more interesting to know what makes you different from others, and why you’re business is not the same as everyone else’s in your market. Tell people the reasons why and how you stand out, and what it is that shows how you deliver for your customers.

Business owners, I’m on your side! It’s time to start being brave, bold and clear about what you do and show it.

Embrace it.

Tell your story, stand out and let people know what you’re about (ooh, that rhymes). And more importantly, show what you stand for and how you deliver!



  • Look at how you’re communicating – do an audit of your communications output. Look at what you’re putting out there.
  • From this are you able to get a clear sense of what it is that you stand for. And importantly, does it show how you deliver? If not, change it.
  • If you’re struggling to identify what you stand for, go back to the reasons why you started your business in the first place.
  • Maybe you’re an established business – ask yourself a question, does what you stand for and how you deliver fit with what you do now? Ask trusted peers/friends to be open and honest with you. From this, you should be able to get a clear sense of things. And if it doesn’t fit with what you’re doing now – change it.

If you’d like clarity on how your business communicates its story? Get in touch, I’ll be able to help – or visit my Contact Page.