Cup & String

Why Cup and String? – if your business needs my media and PR skills, then I’ll find a way to get you noticed – whether that’s online, in the press, via social media, on radio or TV. That, in addition to 15 years of solid practical experience under my belt, I bring knowledge, experience, and know-how.

My business name represents what I do, what I’m about, and has a story which is why I came up with Cup and String Communications. Two cups attached by a piece of string are all about talking and listening – both essential for two-way communication.

One man band – I’m not a big agency, I work with you and we get results. I get to know your business better and we find more hooks, angles and stories to raise your profile. Sometimes I work with other creative people like marketing agencies which is always good fun.

Just for fun – Have a go, make the ultimate cup and string phone! Get involved with this fun activity.  Go on, get interactive!


them two again