Cup & String

Why choose Cup and String Communications? – if you want more customers and to create more leads we should talk. Contact me here (add link to contact page).

What’s the name about? – the name of my business represents what I and every other communications professional should do, which is to understand two-way communication. The two cups attached by string epitomises the fundamentals of communicating – to talk and to listen. Both are necessary. Both feed each other.

One man band – I’m not a big agency. I work with you and we get results. I get to know your business and I find out how to get it noticed in order for you to get more leads and ultimately more customers.

There are times when I work with other creative types, like marketing agencies. Sometimes I work with recruiters too, when they have communication projects for their clients that need taking care of.

Just for fun – go on, have a go at making a cup and string phone! Go get interactive!

them two again