Fact. You can be a small business that’s a big media power house.

PR for small business

But many SME’s don’t even think about the power of PR when it comes to their business plans or objectives. Yet, it’s likely that businesses have money ring-fenced for advertising: there’s a budget for that, but not PR – no. Imagine, not using the stories in your business to get you noticed in the media by more customers. I know, madness!

I often wonder why this is the case, and always ask potential clients why they aren’t making the most of the PR opportunities in their business. When they tell me their reasons it varies. Some think only PR agencies can do PR, others assume it will be an expensive service. But more than that, many just don’t realise the role PR plays in business and the benefits it brings.

People also forget that getting in the media is free. Well sort of… a piece of editorial news in an online magazine, newspaper, on radio or TV won’t cost you a penny. But to achieve this you will do is take time out of your business to do the research, craft the pitch/press release, and get it in front of the media. So if this isn’t something you wouldn’t do yourself then it makes sense to hire a PR and communications professional. It’s also important to remember that PR for small business isn’t just about media. In short it’s about reputation.

And reputation isn’t something you can choose to have – you have one whether you like it or not, and it’s formed by how your business communicates as a whole (past and present). A good reputation will look after you just as you’ve looked after it. It’s not a static thing – it’s present, although not tangible. And by using PR effectively you can build strong meaningful relationships, creating trust around your business and your brand.

Time and money spent on PR and done in the right way can achieve amazing results for your business, creating value and delivering tenfold. So if you’re a small business weighing up the benefits of PR. Don’t. There are too many to mention. It’s true. But here’s some of the different aspects that will help you to see the value.

PR will:

But none of this comes overnight. It takes time. PR is a consistent, longterm activity that deserves your attention. Why? Because it helps get you noticed by your clients, your stakeholders, and also by your competitors. If you’re still not convinced by it, then maybe you’ll listen to this game-changer below.

“PR is perhaps one of the most important roles in a company and a good chairman will have them by their side. They are critical for managing the brand and save millions in advertising; people talking about your company is much more important than anything.”

 – Sir Richard Branson

PR is good for your bottom line and the benefits to your business are sensational, not only in monetary terms but also in trust, customer perception, relationship building, competitor perception and adding value to your brand. And that’s why every business should have PR integrated as part of their business plan

If you’re looking to gain media coverage and need to develop a PR for small business strategy, email me – karen@cupandstring.co.uk or use the contact form